Ticket Booking:

Before booking Tickets:
1. How many tickets can I book in one time?
You are allowed a maximum of 2 tickets per transaction in a month of each area category of the cinema screen. The maximum quantity of tickets available may vary from time to time. You can book your first ticket after 15 days of registration date.If you are booking one at a time then next booking will be done after 15 days in a month.
2. Is there a cut off time for booking tickets?
The cut-off time for booking may vary from cinema to cinema as it is governed by the cinema. It's usually 5 hours before the show start time.
3. Minimum age of children to buy a ticket?
Children aged 2 years and above will require a separate ticket.

During Booking Tickets:
1. How can I confirm whether my tickets have been booked?
As soon as your booking is confirmed, a confirmation e-mail / SMS containing your booking details are sent across to the contact details entered while booking. In case you have not received the confirmation e-mail/SMS, please contact our customer care department.

After Booking Tickets:
1. Will my movie tickets be delivered after my booking is completed?
Your movie tickets are confirmed and paid for, and need to be collected from the box office counter at the cinema. You can visit the cinema at any time before the show and collect your tickets from the box office. Please note that you will be required to show the confirmation E-mail/SMS and sign on the acknowledgement slip while collecting the tickets.
2. How much time before the show do I have to collect my tickets?
Since the ticket is already paid for, it is available for collection at the box office at any time before the show. However, we recommend collecting the ticket 20-30 minutes earlier in case of a last minute queue at the box office.
3. I accidentally booked my tickets for today instead of tomorrow, can you change the tickets?
Tickets once booked are deemed sold. Hence it is not possible to cancel, replace or refund a confirmed booking.
4. Can I change my seat numbers?
No. It is not possible to change the seat numbers of a ticket once booked
5. Can I change the show time that I have booked for?
Once a ticket is booked, it is deemed as sold and there is no privilege to revise the booking details.
6. Can we cancel or replace our tickets?
As per policy, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It cannot be replaced or cancelled.

Troubleshooting :
1. I am trying to book my tickets, but the drop down list is not working. What should I do?
Please try refreshing the page once and clear your browser cache. If you still face problems, please contact at our customer care and we will look into it immediately.
2. What browser works best with Company website?
Our website currently supports IE(version 7+ ), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and are adding support for other browsers as well.
3. Why is the speed of this website so slow?
We have optimized the website to offer the best user experience, we request you to once kindly check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.
4. Does this site use cookies?
Cookies help us customize our site to our customers' requirements, and offer a more personalized service.